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What is the LDM Inner Circle?

You've probably seen brand ambassadors all over the web posting boring plugs to their 1000s of followers. But at we are looking for different people to that, bikers who can help us create great content for our social media and our blog about their experiences and our products. In return for your content we'll provide you with perks like exclusive access to product news, huge discounts on orders with us, exposure for your online profiles plus a free T-Shirt.

Our inner circle is a chance for you to work with a growing business in the UK motorcycle scene and benefit from discounts on gear, cross promotion of your profile, and the odd freebie. Ambassadors will be rotated every 3 months to allow other bikers to benefit and there will only be 5 ambassadors allowed at any one time, however you will be able to re-apply at the end of your term to take part again.

Who we're looking for...

1. Modern day bikers who ride for the freedom and the thrill

2. Bikers who are active in the online motorbike scene (social media and/or Youtube)

3. Bikers from across the UK and Europe

4. Bikers who are looking to promote their online profile by partnering with a modern business in the motorcycle scene

5. Bikers who appreciate cheaper prices on their gear (basically everyone)


What do I need to do to be a part of it?

As a part of our exclusive ambassador program you'll help to promote online through the social media community and by creating interesting content for our blog & YouTube channel. There are only a few requirements that we have for you to remain a part of the inner circle for the full duration:

1. You will be required to create 2 pieces of content for either our team blog or YouTube. (Can be posted on either our YouTube account or your own)

2. Post atleast 1 quality photo or video of an item you got from on social media per month. Remember to include context in your post like where you road to or why you ordered that item. Tag us in your posts to keep us up to date and so we can promote your posts from our accounts.

3. Include links to our website on your social media to help drive other bikers to see your content on our website. (Personalised affiliate links can be provided allowing you to earn a % of every order that's referred to us through your link)


What type of content do I need to make?

Any of the following:

- Video review

- Blog article

- Written product review

- Photo gallery of your gear in use


What if I can’t think of an idea for content?

At the beginning of each month you’ll get an email explaining this months content ideas, along with any news on new products, and any other opportunities to get extra bonuses.


What’s in it for me?

- Exclusive access to new product news before they’re launched

- Huge discounts on orders at whilst you are a member

- Free LDM T-Shirt with your name or online profile details on it

- Exposure for your own Blog/Youtube/Social accounts

- Free stuff when it becomes available

-Being a part of the growth of means benefitting from the lower prices and the growing range of gear that will come with it.

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