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Full Face Helmets

When it comes to safety while riding, getting an excellent helmet is the priority! Our range of full face helmets were selected to cater for every type of rider and style; With your safety as our priority, we only provide helmets which have been officially certified by respected governing bodies. All our helmets come with Free UK Delivery and the option to Return or Exchange your helmet within 30 days.
Full Face Helmets

Full Face Helmets

When it comes to safety while riding, getting an excellent helmet is the priority! Our range of full face helmets were selected to cater for every type of rider and style; With your safety as our priority, we only provide helmets which have been officially certified by respected governing bodies. All our helmets come with Free UK Delivery and the option to Return or Exchange your helmet within 30 days.
Full Face Helmets
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Stealth Carbon Kevlar HD117 Helmet - Carbon

The Stealth HD117 is at the leading edge of full face road helmets, with carbon fibre construction making it one of the most lightweight and durable helmets around.

Protection is optimised by a double EPS internal layer, overlaid with removable and washable Coolmax liners.

The aerodynamic shell features vents to the chin bar and maximum flow multi vents, and incorporates a tinted interior drop-down visor for sunny conditions.

Finished with a Double-D ring fastener and six position optically correct anti-scratch visor, the HD117 provides a super-light race class protection helmet and is ACU Gold approved.

  • Lightweight carbon fibre design
  • Approved to ECE 22.05 European standard
  • Dual Density EPS layer enhances protection
  • Interior drop-down visor
  • Removable liners with Coolmax technology
  • Double D ring fastening
Available in sizes XS to XXL


Stealth are a motorcycle helmet brand who develop their helmets with the end rider in mind, by supplying helmets with high end features and attractive designs at reasonable prices. Stealth helmets are developed by the same team who bought the hugely successful Duchinni helmet range to the market making Stealth a name to look out for as an up and coming motorcycle helmet brand.

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Viper RS1010 Helmet - Solid Carbon

Viper RS-1010 is ultra light full-face helmet in solid carbon. It features good ventilation system, anti-scratch visor, double D-ring fastening system and visor locking mechanism.

  • Full-Face Racing Helmet
  • Carbon Fibre Construction
  • Ultra Light Weight with Carbon Strength
  • Replaceable Anti-Scratch Outer Visor
  • Visor-Lock Secure Down System
  • Multi-Point Venting System
  • ECE22.05 & ACU Gold Approved
  • SHARP 5 Star Approved
  • Double-D Fastening System
  • Weight: 1150+/-50g
  • Available in Colours: Solid Carbon, Carbon/Yellow
  • Available in Sizes: XS-XL

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Browse all Full Face Motorcycle Helmets


Viper helmets are renowned for their level of protection, comfort, and spec all at affordable prices. Within their great range of helmets is a selection of Bluetooth helmets which come ready to connect to any other type of Bluetooth device like a phone or GPS to keep you connected on every ride. The Viper brand currently offer full face, flip ups and motocross helmets.

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MT KRE Carbon Snake Helmet - Carbon

The R+D team worked together with professional riders to develop a high performing helmet for the most sportive and demanding riders in the KRE Carbon Snake.

Thanks to the extremely lightweight carbon shell and exceptional design of carbon fibres, the KRE Snake Carbon has a unique appearance and amazing energy dissipation. Available in 3 outer shell sizes and equipped with a Max Vision Pinlock ready visor and insert, pivoting visor mechanism, upgraded linings and optimal air and heat flow. For a perfect fit on the rider’s head, the KRE Snake Carbon includes DD ring fastening and high quality buckle. The perfect helmet at an affordable price.


  • Carbon Shell Construction
  • 3 Outer Shell Sizes
  • Hi-Impact Absorption Inner Shell
  • Multiple Density EPS Liner
  • Optimum Visor Closing
  • Homologated Front Protection “P”
  • Double “D” Ring Fastening
  • Pinlock Max Vision Visor
  • Pinlock Max Vision Anti Fog Insert Included
  • Removable and Washable Liner
  • Optically Correct Anti Scratch Polycarbonate Visor
  • Quick Release Visor
  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Vent System
  • ECE/ONU.22.05.P
  • DOT Certified

Supplied with Clear Visor (Click above to ask for tinted visor prices)

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MT Helmets

MT Helmets are a Spanish helmet manufacturer who has spent the past 50 years in the business developing and crafting their range of full face, flip up, open face, and motocross helmets to keep up to date with trends. Their modern shell designs and eye catching graphics make them stand out from brands, and their affordable pricing high spec approach means they are perfect for riders on a budget.

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Airoh ST 701 Helmet Safety - Full Carbon

Airoh released the ST 701 as the sport touring equivalent to the GP 500 race helmet, matching it in performance but also offering a stack of features that make it comfortable and useable out on the road, whichever road that is.

The ST 701 Way is constructed on a full carbon fibre shell making it one of the lightest helmets in its category weighing only 1,280g +/- 50g and providing additional benefits for getting the right fit like a two shell size design. Heavy research was put in to developing a 4 layer density EPS liner that not only makes your ride more comfortable but also gives optimum protection in the event of a crash.

Apart from its aerodynamically high tech outer shell, the ST 701 also comes with an internal sun visor that makes all the difference when you're out there exploring different terrains and weathers in every corner of the earth. As with all good helmets this model is provided with a Pinlock visor to prevent fogging up, plus an effective venting system that works wonders on warmer days.


  • One of the lightest helmets of its category
  • Weight: from 1,280g +/- 50g
  • Full Carbon-Kevlar Shell
  • ACU Gold approved
  • ECE 22.05
  • Windtunnel designed and tested for performance aerodynamics
  • Four density EPS inner shell guarantees highest safety standards
  • Removable and washable hypoallergenic inner lining
  • Airoh Ultra integral vemtilation system keeps fresh air circulating
  • Top vent / rear vent / chinguard vent
  • Nose Deflector reduces condensation
  • Antifog visor position prevents internal fogging
  • Extra-wide visor for increased field of vision
  • Tool-less quick release racing visor
  • Pinlock® Original lens included
  • Retractable internal sun visor
  • Double-D ring retention system
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Airoh has a history of motorcycle helmet manufacturing going back to 1986, being developed & built in Italy bringing Italian design and high performance features to the world. Airoh bring innovative designs, together with their passion for motorcycles to create some of the most popular road and race helmets on the market.

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HJC RPHA 11 Lowin Carbon Helmet - Carbon | Grey







The HJC R-PHA 11 features an aerodynamically optimized shell with PIM Plus construction including carbon fibre carbon and hybrid fibreglass, providing a lightweight and safe helmet that with extreme performance at high speed. With the optimized shell there is improved air flow through the ventilation system, using the front intake and rear exhaust vents plus the side vents to prevent visor fogging. This helmet utilises an anti-odour treated, anti-bacterial, Multicool interior lining which is removable and washable, plus the cheek pads can be removed safely in an emergency. Changing or replacing the visor can be done anywhere thanks to the Rapidfire visor replacement system, requiring 0 tools just your hands to quickly and easily swap out your visor. A Double D ring fastening system holds you safely in the helmet. Included in the box are a Pinlock ready clear HJ-26 anti scratch, anti-UV visor with a Pinlock Max Vision insert, and a dark smoke 2D visor ready for Pinlock tear offs (not included). All this spec makes the R-PHA 11 one of the best lids available within the price range.


  • PIM Plus construction including carbon fibre carbon and hybrid fibreglass
  • Optimized shell design for outstanding air flow through the ventilation system
  • Aerodynamic shell structure for extreme performance at maximum speeds
  • Emergency kit (cheek pads) for safe and quick removal in emergency situations
  • Wider eye port providing improved peripheral vision
  • RapidFire, a simple and secure visor ratchet system for ultra-quick, tool-less visor removal and installation
  • Enhanced visor dual lock system for high speed racing conditions
  • Multicool Interior with advanced anti-bacteria fabric for enhanced moisture wicking and quick drying
  • Removable and washable crown and cheek pads
  • Clear Pinlock ready HJ-26 Max-vision anti-UV and anti-scratch visor
  • Pinlock Max-Vision anti-fog insert included
  • 2D dark smoke visor ready for Pinlock tear-offs (not included)
  • Weight; 1300gm +/- 50gm
  • Grooves in lining for glasses
  • Double-D ring retaining strap
  • 3 shell sizes
  • 5 year HJC warranty

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    With 45 years of experience designing and manufacturing motorcycle helmets HJC has gained a solid reputation for their quality, and in the 1990's became the top selling helmet brand in America where it has remained ever since. HJC pride themselves on offering high quality, comfortable, and reasonably priced helmets to motorcyclist across the world, and with a customer base in every country you can think of they produce more helmets than any other brand available.

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    Full face helmets are a favourite for most motorcyclists thanks to their generally higher safety ratings when tested, and their ability to keep the outside conditions away from your head unlike other helmet types which have more openings. Our range of full face motorcycle helmets includes a style and design for every type and style of biker, whether you want a lightweight lid for your track days, or a bright lid to make you stand out on the road; meaning is the first and last place to look when you’re in need of a new full face helmet.

    Within our selection of full face lids there are loads of helmets with special features and specs to make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable, such as DVS (Dual Visor Systems) sun visors which can be engaged within seconds at the touch of a button to protect your eyes from the sun, plus integrated Bluetooth headset areas within the lining of the helmet to make it easier for you to mount your headset control unit on the inside of your helmet. These are just a couple of the great features that are available with many of the motorcycle helmets in the range.

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