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Kevlar Hoodies & Casual Jackets

Not all bikers like wearing leathers. We get it. And we sometimes feel the same way so luckily there are a lot of alternative jackets and options out there which provide the protection you need while you ride, without the weight and appearance of leathers. Find the casual jacket you want in our range and get it delivered to your door free. Browse Kevlar Jeans here
Kevlar Hoodies & Casual Jackets

Kevlar Hoodies & Casual Jackets

Not all bikers like wearing leathers. We get it. And we sometimes feel the same way so luckily there are a lot of alternative jackets and options out there which provide the protection you need while you ride, without the weight and appearance of leathers. Find the casual jacket you want in our range and get it delivered to your door free. Browse Kevlar Jeans here
Kevlar Hoodies & Casual Jackets
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Draggin Jeans Kevlar Armoured Roo Hoodie

The Roo Hoody has been Draggin’s most successful product ever launched in the Australian market and now it is available to UK bikers too. With a huge list of features that help make this a super protective but casual hoodie. Draggin have utilised their unique Roomoto lining which uses DuPont Kevlar and Dyneema materials, alongside the CE protectors in the back, shoulders, and elbows to make this a very cool summer/spring replacement for your heavy jacket, or simply something to wear over a base layer.

Ergonomically, the Roo Hoody is a great piece of kit thanks to the thumbhole inside the wrist cuff to keep your gloves underneath, deep inner pockets for storage, and waist toggles to keep the hoodie in position while you ride.


  • Roomoto 4+ CE Level 1 Abrasion Resistant lining
  • Easy to use zip toggle
  • Adjustable & removable hood that can be easily zipped off if riding fast
  • Sleeves include a thumbhole cuff so your gloves can sit neatly underneath
  • Adjustable toggles on waistband to ensure a snug fit while riding
  • Deep internal pocket
  • Cool, breathable mesh lining
  • DFFUSE CE armour included in back, shoulder & elbow
  • Machine washable
  • Zip closure
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A protective jacket that's casual enough to wear around town, but durable enough to ride the streets!

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Draggin Jeans

With two decades in the business under their belt, Draggin Jeans are the number one casual motorcycle clothing brand around the world thanks to their dedication to your safety and their attention to detail. Using pioneering methods to combine the worlds strongest fibres in order to create a lightweight inner lining that isn’t just comfortable but literally saves your skin. This level of detail is what has made Draggin Jeans the only casual clothing brand to pass CE Abrasion, Burst and Tear tests across their huge current range of motorcycle Kevlar jeans and hoodies.

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ARMR Moto Tsuma Waterproof Hooded Jacket | Black

The Tsuma in it's core is a textile jacket but with some major difference that make it one of the coolest jackets available for bikers who like to look casual.

Built in to the body of the Tsuma jacket are all the normal features of an ARMR Moto jacket like a DryTek waterproof line and removable thermal line allowing you to control your internal climate. Add to this the height adjustable CE elbow and shoulder protectors and you have a durable textile jacket that's ready for whatever you or the weather throws at you.

The unique part of the Tsuma is the detachable hood with toggle tighteners so you can wear your jacket off the bike without shouting that your biker, and feel comfortable walking around in your gear.

  • Detachable and Adjustable Hood
  • PolyTech 600DN Fabric
  • Height Adjustable CE Certified Protectors in Elbows plus Shoulder protectors
  • Pocket for CE Back Protector
  • Accepts ACP Hexagon Chest Shield
  • DRY TEK Waterproof Liner & Detachable Thermoline Liner
  • Storm Flap Front Zip Closure
  • Scotchlite Vision Tech Reflective Panels
  • AFS Air Flow System
  • Adjustable Hem & upper arm closure system
  • 2 External Front Waterproof Pockets
  • Waterproof Wallet Pocket
  • Internal Mobile Phone Pockets
  • MP3 Cable and Headphone Routing
  • Neoprene Upper Neck Pad
  • Soft Micro Fleece Neck Lining
  • YKK Zips and trouser link zipper

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As pioneers of stylish motorcycle clothing at affordable prices, the name ARMR is seen as a newcomer to the riding gear world. But the 30+ years of expert experience in their design team shows in the quality, stylish, and durable product range that stretches across all the areas of motorcycling. Sticking close to their ‘battle ready’ slogan ARMR Moto believe in reliable protection that prepares you for whatever the lies in the road ahead, while their appreciation for the personal style of each rider drives them to develop better looking & performing motorcycle clothing.

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The range of Kevlar hoodies & jackets at is always growing as we find more and more jackets that you can wear on and off the bike without making it obvious that you ride. Alongside our Kevlar clothing is a similar and equally protective Aramid option, which also provides great protection in a slide and increased durability.


Kevlar & Aramid Motorcycle Clothing


Kevlar & Aramid clothing is a popular choice for us riders nowadays as more and more well known clothing brands release their own casual clothing. But what is Kevlar & Aramid clothing and how does it work?

Generally speaking any motorcycle gear that contains kevlar is referring to a lining that sits underneath the outer shell, which could be some denim jeans, a fleece hoodie, or a soft shell jacket. The lining is what prevents your skin from seeing the road, not the outer material as these are standard clothing materials and will tear and burst in a slide.

Kevlar & Aramid linings come in two different styles - Part lined and Fully lined, with the part lined clothing featuring a layer of kevlar on the parts of the body that are most likely to sustain some damage in a crash or slide e.g. the back, elbows, and shoulders in the torso section and the knees, hips, and bottom of trousers.


How to pick the right size hoodie


It all depends on what you want from your Kevlar hoodie, are you looking for something to replace your leather jacket for warmer summer rides or are you just in need of something to pull over the top of your armour or leather jacket?

When it comes to selecting the size for any motorcycle clothing, it’s important stuff because going too small can mean some areas of your body may be exposed in a crash but buying too large can lead to clothing moving in an impact or slide. Both things we don’t want to happen.

The first thing to consider is what size your normal motorcycle jacket is, then work from there. Usually Kevlar hoodies and aramid jackets will be slightly thinner and less bulky than normal textile and leathers so going for your normal size might leave a bit too much space between your body and the protection. In that case we recommend buying a size smaller than your usual size if your current jacket feels slightly loose at the moment.

If you are just after some protection from road rash to pull over some under amour or jacket then always go for a size up to avoid restricting your movement and putting internal pressure on seams that will make them less effective in an impact.


Are Kevlar Hoodies safe on a motorbike?


Obviously we wouldn’t be the #1 UK retailer of Kevlar and Aramid clothing if they weren’t a safe option for riding motorbikes. And because we see more and more bikers turning to casual ways of dressing on their motorbike we are always on the look out for the next best Kevlar clothing, so you can be sure that our range of casual motorbike gear is up to the job of keeping you safe out on the road.

Kevlar and Aramid are man made fibres that were designed for durability and optimum abrasion resistance which basically means they can take a beating whether that’s from sanding paper or the tarmac. This makes them perfect for use in motorbike clothing because they’re thinner and lighter than leather and textile alternatives, meaning you can add the material beneath the layers of nearly any normal design of clothing to make it skid and scuff resistant.

As you can tell we’re really passionate about providing other options than the old textile or leather jackets for bikers so if you have any questions feel free to call or email us and we’ll be happy to help you get the right bit of kit for your riding style.


Ordering your new hoody at LD Motorcycles


As bikers who love having the option of wearing casual gear when we ride, we pride ourselves on stocking some of the best looking kevlar, aramid motorcycle clothing.

Our range includes casual gear and hoodies from some of the major UK biker brands, alongside our very own up-and-coming brand LDM which is designed in house by real UK based bikers. Our LDM Street-R Kevlar Hoodie is our best seller and quickly becoming a best seller across the UK thanks to it’s street style, thick abrasion liner, zipped pockets, and CE protection included all for a great price of £84.99.

Moving up the price ranges we have a retro styled bomber jacket from ARMR, and at the top end, a fully packed Kevlar hoody from the bikers who brought us the first real motorcycle protective jeans. Draggin jeans.

Using our brand specific sizing charts and measurements you can easily find the right size jacket to fit your body shape. But it is useful to remember that when buying casual motorcycle clothing you should consider that when leaning over and riding the jacket will move so it’s important that you get the right size so that while moving it doesn’t expose any of your skin and risk injury in case of a crash.

Once you’ve decided on your new hoody or jacket just hit Add To Basket and follow our simple checkout to make your order.

Don’t want to receive even more emails in your inbox? Don’t worry, you can use just your mobile number to order at LD Motorcycles and we will keep you updated on your order process via text messages.

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