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4 Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves Under £70 - Updated for 2018


Warm summer weather gets all riders excited with more day light, less rain, and no need to wear layers of heavy gear to keep you from losing a limb to the cold. The first piece of kit you should be thinking of swapping out to a summer alternative is your gloves. Cooler, lighter summer gloves make riding a lot more fun and comfortable thanks to the extra 'feel' you get from the more streamline gloves.

To aid your search for your slick summer gloves we've picked out 3 of our best warm weather mitts for under £70 that won't just keep you safe and comfy, but make sure your wallet stays chilled too.


4. Buffalo Camo Motorcycle Gloves

Buffalo Ostro Gloves

Buffalo return to our summer gloves pick with the new Camo gloves, a cool short glove design that is well within budget and meets most of the needs of an everyday biker. Being a UK based brand Buffalo knows that summertime riding isn't always dry which is why they included a waterproof liner beneath the surface for those unlucky moments. If you're looking for a pair of gloves to get you on the road this summer without breaking the bank then these should be your #1 pick.

Price: £34.99

Colour Schemes: 1


3. LDM Street-R Motorcycle Gloves

Designed by ourselves here at LD Motorcycles, the Street-R came about in 2017 and have had some slight improvements made in 2018 to provide a better fit and feel. A long cuff makes these more suited for riders who like a sportier look out on the road but thanks of the lower profile of the cuff they'll easily fit under jackets if that's your preferred look. Protection is kept at the forefront with TPU knuckle, finger, and scaphoid plates along with rubber underlay sections.

But don't just take our word for it, see what they team at said about them here.

Price: £44.99

Colour Schemes: 2


2. Weise Wave Motorcycle Gloves

Weise Wave Gloves

Keeping its place as number 2 for 2018 is the Weise Wave, an all round glove that will keep you protected and comfortable for 3 seasons of the year. The short cuff makes these an obvious choice for riders who like a more casual look especially with the concealed knuckle protector but although they are slightly casual, a grey leather palm with reinforcements and silicon grip strips proves they're still a serious glove no matter what happens on your ride. For those longer rides where you might need to stop and check a sat-nav or reply to a text the Wave gloves have you covered with smart-touch fabric on the finger and thumb to work with touch screens.

Price: £54.99

Colour Schemes: 1


1. ARMR Moto S470 Motorcycle Gloves


The sportiest glove in our top 4 picks for this summer come from ARMR Moto, the brand known for their sharp designs and value for money. With that in mind you can see why we made these are number 1 for 2018. The S470 are fully leather with perforated panels for cool airflow vented finger protectors to stop the sweating that comes with leather gloves in the summer. Protection features are there in every form from the carbon fibre knuckle section, to the durable goatskin leather palm, and scaphoid armour, keeping you in control of your bike and safe even when you're not in control.

Price: £69.99

Colour Schemes: 3


Looking good and staying protected out on the road doesn't need to come with a massive cost which is why we selected the above gloves to suit all those riders who just want to get out there and enjoy the riding experience!



Okay so we said this was our Best 4 list, but we know that any biker reading this reading this wants to know when there's a bargain available and that's exactly what the LDM Lyte are right now thanks to our clearance sale. As one of our original LDM gloves they have been updated and revised and now replaced. As a short cuff glove with finger vents and breathable materials the Lyte are a great summer glove option, but once they're gone - they're gone.

Price: £22.99


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