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Scala Rider Freecom Range | The Spec Check

New for 2017 the Scala Rider Freecom Range brings the latest in intercom headset tech to your motorbike helmet, with sleek designs and attractive price tags. Not only new to the UK but the entire Scala Rider range of motorcycle intercoms is now available at for the first time.

Cardo Scala have long held a reputation for the building the most advanced motorbike headset systems but the new Freecom Range takes that reputation a step further with fresh features that you won't see anywhere else along with an exclusive headset designed specifically with HJC helmets. The new range features 3 different headsets each with their own capabilities to suit every budget of rider.

Freecom 1

The base model in the Scala Rider Freecom selection comes equipped with everything you need to take to the road daily and stay connected with everything as you ride. Designed for solo riding the Freecom 1 acts as a perfect partner as you tear up the road, with 2 channel Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to simultaneously
listen to music from your mobile and take directions from your GPS inside your lid.

Making calls to your mates as you head to the ride out, Receiving calls from your mum, and rejecting calls from your other half are all possible on the go thanks a smart VOX (voice operation) software that adjust automatically to the background noise of your helmet so you never miss a thing.

Round up - a sleek stand alone headset for those everyday ride for only £129.95

Freecom 2

Like most ranges the step up Freecom 2 features everything that the Freecom 1 has, and then some. Along with the Freecom 1 the 2 utilises a 2 channel Bluetooth that allows twin pairing with devices, except in this unit it's also a full-duplex intercom system which allows for a rider-pillion intercom connection whether your pillion is wearing a Scala Rider headset or any other Bluetooth intercom brand.

For those times when you don't feel like speaking to your pillion passenger you can share your own music or FM radio, and all the while still listen out for your next GPS turn. The new Click-to-link feature on the Freecom 2 is a neat addition to the way you pair devices and even lets you quickly connect to other Scala rider users near-by, whether thats a friend or stranger.

Round up - an affordable intercom headset with high end features priced at £159.95 for a single kit or Duo for £279.95

Freecom 4

A unit designed to pack the full stack of Freecom features in to an ergonomic aerodynamic casing, along with some top of the range features that are hard to find anywhere else within the price range.

With the Freecom 4 you no longer have just your pillion passenger to share the experience because a 1.2km range bike-to-bike intercom set up gives you the luxury of speaking to 3 other riders, and share FM radio with the crew while you ride. Adding to the 4 way intercom is a toggle option so you can change it to a private chat at any point but still stay connected to the rest of your friends.

Round up - Sitting at the top of an impressive range the Freecom 4 covers all bases especially at £219.95 for a single kit and £389.95


The full Cardo Scala Rider range is now available at ready for 2-3 day delivery. Not sure which model to go for? Contact us if you have any questions or want a suggestion for the best kit for your applications.

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