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Pick of the Week: Weise Shark Waterproof Gloves

It's near enough the end of the summer riding season for most bikers out there, it's getting colder and wetter and for the bikers out there who still ride through this no matter what, we know your struggle! Which is why after the first week of cold UK weather we decided it's a good idea to let people know what's out there in terms of winter riding gear, and here is our first edition.

First off, just like any piece of motorcycle gear your gloves top priority is to keep you safe in an accident and with the integrated Knox Scaphoid Protection System (SPS) the Weise Shark gloves are sure to do just that. Along with the Knox SPS you have the usual rubber finger inserts and TPU knuckle armour plus finger bridging between the little finger and second finger for added safety.

The Waterproof ability of these gloves comes from the internal McTex liner which holds of the weather in all forms; water and wind, while still being breathable to prevent moisture building up in the gloves, making these perfect for Autumn, Winter, and spring riding. Keeping the McTex liner in place is a special Weise McFit fixture system to prevent liners coming away from the outer layer and reducing control over your bike.

Now that we've given the lowdown on the advanced features of the Weise Shark gloves let us explain some of the simpler but equally important features like the full leather construction meaning massive abrasive resistance and hand molding comfort. Accordion style stretch sections allow you to control your levers comfortably even after hours of riding thanks to added flexibility, and layered leather palm sections for increased durability keeping your gloves going for miles to come.

Weise Shark Spec

  • Full grain leather construction
  • McTex waterproof, windproof and breathable inner lining
  • McFit technology internal lining fixture system 
  • Integrated Knox SPS - Scaphoid Protection System
  • TPU reinforcement armour on knuckles and fingers
  • Integrated rubber protection inserts on little finger
  • Dual layered leather on impact points
  • Accordion stretch panels on base of thumb and top of hand to aid fit and improve flexibility
  • Adjustable Velcro strap on elasticated wrist and cuff
  • Bridged ring and little finger for added support

 Click here to get your pair of Weise Shark Waterproof gloves

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