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Pick of the Week: Stealth HD009 All Adventure Helmet

Stealth Adventure

Each pick of the week at is chosen because of a few reasons, with the main reasons being what's been popular the past week for sales and general enquiries... and this past week we have been swarmed by bikers looking for adventure/dual sport helmets with the Stealth HD009 being our best seller in the category.

Who are Stealth?

Stealth helmets are an up and coming motorcycle helmet brand developed by the same team who brought the successful Duchinni helmet brand to market. Stealth helmets offer a lot of features at good value for money, without compromising on safety - which is proven by the fact that they have 3 helmets models tested by the SHARP Helmet Safety Scheme all getting a solid 4 out of 5 stars. Road & Motocross helmet ranges available

HD009 - Dual Sport Adventure Helmet

The Stealth HD009 was designed as a dual sport helmet to suit riders who might do some adventure & off road riding but still want a helmet that could perform on road aswell, with the compromise of not needing to wear motocross goggles thanks to the full face visor system. The full visor makes this helmet just as simple as an ordinary full face helmet but with a much improved range of vision over goggles and the aggressive styling of a motocross helmet backed up by the sun blocking helmet peak to stop grit and dirt causing glare on your visor.

Because of the higher demand from your body while navigating tougher terrain the HD009 is fitted with a Coolmax internal liner which works to wick away moisture from your head, keeping you cool and your lid odour free. As we mentioned before, they are designed for use both on road and off road so rest assured the HD009 carries the ECE 22.05 certification.

If you don't always want the peak on while you tear up the road then it can be easily removed and the visor secured with provided blanking plates. The peak itself has an adjustable height mechanism to for you to move depending on the angle of the sun, all the other features that you can expect from any modern motorcycle helmet.

The Stealth HD009 is available in full Matt black, White and 4 other colour design combos. Browse the range below or click here to see more info

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