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Pick of the Week: Ritaro Motorcycle Turntable Stands

ritaro easymove

This weeks pick is the newly launched Ritaro Motorcycle Turntables which might just be the answer to your bike storage issues...

Ritaro are a UK company manufacturing the strongest and most reliable motorbike stands available, which is why they offer a 10 year guarantee with every purchase  (who else does that anymore?!). The Ritaro range currently features 3 different types of motorcycle dollys to suit any type of bike and storage space, so whether you need  something to make moving your Harley around the workshop easier or need to store your sportsbike in your parents garage out of the way then Ritaro turntable could be just what you need!

Ritaro Easymove

The easymove is designed to be robust for use with all types of motorcycles to make them as easy as possible to manoeuvre, by placing the rear wheel on caster wheels and leaving the front wheel on the ground so that it can swung around on a flat floor. An adjustable side stand plate means you can rest the bikes weight safely on the stand while you move it around and store it.


  • Lightweight 16.5kg gross weight
  • Gross max motorcycle weight 500kg
  • Universal use with any motorbike wheelbase
  • Overall length; 1310mm
  • Overall width; 500mm (without side stand attachment)
  • Overall height; 150mm

Ritaro Tourer

With the Tourer model, Ritaro have designed a turntable that is more suited to mid-large sized bikes by allowing you to ride both wheels on to the turntable, put the bike on it's side stand and spin it on the spot. Making it easy for you to ride your bike in to a garage or shed - then turn it around easily and ride it out! The Tourer model is similar to the Ritaro Sports but with a more robust frame and supporting wheels to deal with larger motorcycles.


  • Gross weight of 31kg makes storing the turntable easy
  • Gross maximum motorcycle weight 600kg
  • Maximum motorcycle wheelbase 1920mm
  • Overall length; 1960mm
  • Overall width; 410mm (without side stand attachment)
  • Overall height; 120mm

Ritaro Sports

The Sports model from Ritaro is built to make moving and storing any sports motorcycles (and similar bikes) easy, meaning no more 10 point turns to get your bike turned around and facing out of the garage! It works in the same way as the Tourer model giving you a way to ride your bike on and spin it on the the spot but is more lightweight and slightly shorter to suit sports style motorcycles and smaller storage spaces like a garden shed.


  • Lightweight 25kg gross weight
  • 300kg maximum motorbike weight
  • Maximum motorcycle wheel base 1500mm
  • Overall length; 1600mm  
  • Overall width; 310mm (without side stand attachment)
  • Overall height; 70mm

Thanks to the outstanding build quality and attention to detail that is built in to the Ritaro range, they are becoming the go to brand for innovative motorcycle stands & storage solutions. To get your Ritaro motorcycle stand click below

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