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Pick of the Week: Regal Magpie Spray Polish & Degreaser

This week our Pick of the Week is yet another brand new piece of kit, this time from a UK based brand Regal Magpie. If the name has you guessing what exactly they make then you wouldn't be the first person but after some recent reviews from big motorcycle blogs, the Regal Magpie name is becoming known for their effective but effortless motorbike cleaners.

'Perfect cleaner for bikers who like ride time more than cleaning time'

The Regal Magpie Spray Polish & Degreaser started off life when the team at Regal Magpie were trying to develop the fastest acting degreaser to remove grease & lube from swingarms, wheels and fairings; but while doing this they came up with a cleaning formula that was able to do all of that plus bring any painted parts to a bright shine.

As the first retailer to take on this Polish & Degreaser we weren't too sure how a degreasing product could polish at the same time since usually any degreaser would actually strip the shine away from paint, but once we gave it a go on a filthy Bandit 600 swingarm and tank it was obvious how different the fluid was to other cleaners on the market. 

Supplied in a 500ml aerosol spray, this degreaser & polish is easy to use without getting covered in the stuff yourself and means you can direct the spray to just the part you want to clean.

Instructions for use:

  • Shake can well and spray liberally on to the surface you are cleaning
  • Leave fluid to froth slightly
  • Rub away the grease and grime with a lint free cloth
  • Leave surface to dry out
  • Buff the cleaned surface with clean lint free cloth for a gleaming finish!

After some in house testing, we found that one can of Regal Magpie polish & degreaser does approximately 2-3 full cleans of a motorbike including degreasing the swingarm, wheels and polishing all panels.

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