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Pick Of The Week: Optiglanz Stainless Steel Exhaust Cleaner


The question of finding the best way to clean stainless steel exhaust pipes has been asked by nearly every biker at some point and has definitely been spoken about on every online biker forum

So after some tough searching and speaking to bikers from around the world, the team behind found the best solution yet to cleaning your downpipes with the least effort... Optiglanz

The Swiss formula behind this exhaust grime stripping fluid has been praised by bikers across Europe for years and has only in the past couple of years gained a name here in the UK, and is becoming the go-to product for effortless exhaust pipe


Just like cleaning anything on your bike there are a hundred different ways to do it and alternative cleaning products your can use, and the same goes for stripping your downpipes of all the road film, tarmac, and grime that burns itself on as your ride. The man alternative that's usually mentioned when it comes to shining your pipes is Autosol metal polish but the names gives it away as to why this is not a comparison for Optiglanz... Autosol is a polish not a cleaner and Optiglanz is a cleaner not a polish. When using Optiglanz to clean your down pipes it is advisable that you polish them after to get a better shine and reduce dirt sticking on straight away after a clean.

The Method

We mentioned earlier how simple and easy it is to clean your exhaust with Optiglanz since there is no need to scrub, rub, or remove your pipes thanks to the spray top that comes with every bottle.

1. (Optional) Remove any body panels that run close to the pipes as if you do not rinse any excess Optiglanz off the plastics after use then it can affect paint, but this is unlikely.

2. Spray Optiglanz fluid on to the exhaust pipe and make sure the whole pipe is wet with fluid.

3. Leave for 3 minutes to work it's magic...

4. (Optional) For hard to shift dirt you can use the claw brush (available here) to speed up the cleaning process.

5. Rinse off the pipes thoroughly with water and make sure not to leave any Optiglanz fluid on body panels or surrounding casings.

6. Step back and admire the shine

Whenever using powerful cleaning products like Optiglanz it is always advisable to wear gloves & goggles to prevent any injury due to the chemicals in the product.

5 Minute Transformation

Next time you're looking at your filthy down pipes and thinking whether you really have to the time to take them off, scrub them for hours just to do a half good job on them remember the time you could save by just spraying Optiglanz on, leaving it while you have a tea  and rinsing it off.

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