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Pick of the Week: ❄Brubeck Seamless Thermo Base layers❄

Brubeck base layers

The colder weather is near and as much as we hate it, the warm riding season is coming to an end which means unless you are a full time, hardcore, any weather rider you will most probably be putting the bike in to storage soon and your leather back in the wardrobe. Well this might not have to the case if you were to get your hands on some high quality thermal base layers to make winter weather riding not just a possibility but even comfortable without breaking the bank.

As you've probably noticed at we like to do things differently from the way we let you know about updates to your order through quick Whatsapp messages, to stocking new undiscovered motorbike clothing brands that bring real value for money along with exceptional quality... and that is exactly what we've done once again with Brubeck motorcycle base layers. 

Brubeck Thermo Range❄

Brubeck is a Poland based base layer manufacturer renowned across Europe for their quality and value, which shows in their Seamless Thermo range of base layers designed for motorcyclists who ride all year round.

The unique seamless construction of the Thermo range clothing works using a twin layer system with the inner layer acting as a thermal insulator to maintain the heat coming off your skin, drawing moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry and free from sweat; while the outer layer actively absorbs moisture from the inner layer and acts as an extra barrier from the cold outside weather.

To understand a bit more about why the Brubeck Thermo Range is so effective heres a look at the general material make up of the base layers:

Composition:  56% polyamide, 40% polypropylene, 4% elastane.

Now that probably makes no sense at all to you but let us break it down and explain the materials:

Polyamide - is a type of synthetic fabric that contains sweat-wicking and water-repelling properties making it the ideal material for under wear and sports clothing. One of the biggest issues we find with base layers under bike gear is that they can be uncomfortable at times, which is why a Polyamide fabric internal is used to make the garment soft against the skin.

Polypropolene - is a great material for cold and damp weather clothing because of its light-weight and hydrophobic properties, plus it's strength and tear resistance. This lightweight property keeps the base layer thin helping it fit under your bike jacket with no hassle.

Elastane - is a special word for lycra in basic terms, but it work perfectly when used in base layers to keep them tight to your skin preserving heat and providing support in the required areas.


The Brubeck Thermo Range features seamless thermal base layer tops and bottoms for both Men and Ladies to ensure the fit is comfortable and effective for both.

To get your hands on some new thermal base layers click below to shop the full Brubeck base layer collection

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