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Pick of the Week: Aero LED Bar End Handguards

Powerzone Aero


Let's admit it, a lot of auxiliary lights available for motorbikes right now just aren't that sexy when they're switched off but are a huge help on dark roads or trails when lit up. So while on the hunt for new stock to WOW bikers at LD Motorcycles we came across a piece of kit that really stood out from the usual hand guard / day time running lights, in the form of the Aero LED handguards.


The Powerzone Aero LED handguards designs gives them a modern look with a hint of Transformer we think, with an offset 4 LED bulb lighting unit to illuminate the path ahead (or just flash people at traffic lights) operated by a small switch unit that can be mounted on the bars or anywhere else with slight modification. 

The body is constructed from a durable Polypropylene plastic to prevent cracking in a crash or slide, and is fixed to a lightweight alloy mounting bar which is secured on the handlebars using the bar end bolts provided. Thanks to the bar end mounting instead of the usual bar mount the Aero handguards provide more protection if you were to slide with your hands still on the handlebars, allowing you to ride off with your hands and your new handguards still intact.


Usually bike gear that offers a lot of safety points, also comes with some style downpoints like wearing high vis (it's not to everyones taste, but it's super effective) but that's why the Aero handguards stood out to us in our search. Their dual colour option of either a white or black body helps them to suit almost any colour scheme, while their aggressive shaping can definitely add some numbers to your bike manufacture year. To top off the innovative design is the carbon effect imprint which runs the width of the handguard tapering down towards the centre of your bike.

At £69.99 a pair the Aero handguards fit in with the rest of the market but stand out for their quality and style.

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