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Our Top 5 Cheap Motorcycle Helmets Under £200

Once again we're talking about helmets... because since there is such a huge selection out there it can be hard to know exactly what to look for and eventually find the best motorcycle helmet for you. But this time we're focussing on price for all the bikers out there who are on a budget when it comes to getting your new helmet, whether that's a personal budget or imposed by a certain "other half". is a site that offers a whole host of riding gear for street bikers that doesn't break the bank, so we have picked out our top 5 "Cheap" motorcycle helmets just to show you the great helmets you can really get for your money.


5. Viper RS-V8 Stereo Motorcycle Helmet 


The RS-V8 is Viper's secret weapon in the under £100 category being a full face helmet that includes a nice little feature with built in stereo speakers that are fitted into the liner next to your ears. An aux cable input sits at the base of the helmet allowing you to connect up your music or mobile maps so you can listen on the go, without the need for a Bluetooth headset or stuffing your own earphones in as you slide your helmet on. It's also got a drop down sun visor! (Aux lead included)

Price: £94.99

Colour Schemes: 9


4. Duchinni D405 Motorcycle Helmet


Duchinni are no strangers when it comes to entry level priced helmets, but with an average Sharp rating around 4 stars they are definitely a brand to consider if you're a bit tight for cash. The D405 is just one of their full face models and in our opinion the best thanks to their XRR colour scheme designs, an internal drop down sun visor and the comfort that is hidden in the liner. The D405 has been on the market for a few years with a few tweaks here and there but has stayed popular always thanks to it's appeal to casual riders, plus it's a penny under £100.

Price: £99.99

Colour Schemes: 5


3. Airoh Valor Motorcycle Helmet

airoh valor

Airoh have only returned to the UK road bike helmet world in 2017 but have come back with a bang, and the Valor is the perfect example of this. With a super aerodynamic shell design the Valor slices through the air reducing drag which saves neck ache and wind noise, whilst making this helmet look awesome at the same time with a sleek, sharp shape. Airoh have included their 8 zone ventilation system and a removable hypoallergenic liner in the lightweight Valor (1400grams +-50g). A solid option for riders who usually stay on the streets but might be looking to dabble in a track-day in the near future thanks to an ACU gold approval.

Price: £119.99 - £129.99

Colour Schemes: 5


2. Viper RS-V171 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet 


The only Flip-up helmet in our top 5 helmets under £200 and for a good reason, is the Viper RS-V171 which could be the flip up helmet that converts you from a full face rider to flip ups. Integrated in the helmet is an advanced Bluetooth 3.0 system that allows connectivity to any universal Bluetooth device so you can answer calls or listen to GPS directions on the go. Connect with other riders Bluetooth headsets for an intercom conversation up to 650m away, using the built in boom microphone. For those moments that you want some extra airflow or a better view then flip the front and use the drop down sun visor to keep your eyes safe.

Price: £189.99

Colour Schemes: 4


1. HJC FG-ST Motorcycle Helmet

hjc fg-st

HJC produce one of the biggest ranges of motorcycle helmets from any one brand, and although they have quite a few 'famous' helmets the one that stands out under £200 is the FG-ST. With a five star SHARP safety rating, a drop down sun visor, wide vision pinlock ready visor, and three different shell sizes to make the fit perfect, the FG-ST is the best spec in it's price range. This is another helmet that has been produced for years by HJC and grows in popularity constantly as more and more riders realise just how great the value is for such a reliable helmet. Technically the HJC FG-ST is not 100% eligible to be in this list as there is one exception to the range that was released late 2016 which is the Marvel 'Punisher' graphics which comes in at £229.99, but there is also another 11 colour combinations to choose from under the £200 mark.

Price: £179.99 -£199.99

Colour Schemes: 12


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