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LightMode 'S' Series Helmet Kits | Product News

New and Improved

At we have been supporters of Lightmode Helmet Kits ever since we heard about their first kickstarter campaign, and have been supplying their 1st Generation to customers in the UK since the beginning of this year. But now after tonnes of feedback and hundreds of thousands of miles of use, the team at Lightmode have announced the 2nd Generation of Lightmode Kits... The 'S' Series

lightmode s series kit

What's New?

So first things first, LightMode have completely overhauled the shape and style of the controller box making it sleeker, and more importantly aerodynamic to reduce wind noise caused by excess drag. One of the major points that came from feedback was a cry from customers to be able to remove the remote box from their helmet when not in use, which is now possible thanks to the new mounting plate. 

The 1st Gen kits were powered by two AA batteries which needed replacing when dead, but the new 2nd Gen controllers are USB re-chargeable making them super convenient to keep powered up; and all of that power is now safely secured in a water resistant unit meaning you can use your LightMode 'S' series in the rain if you're that type of rider.

Connecting the Electroluminescent wires and tape to the controller box is now done with newly designed stronger and less fiddly connectors, which suit the stylish new controller design.

The Kickstarter campaign for the LightMode 'S' Series Kits was successful which means the new generation kits will be in stock at at some point in May 2017. If you would like to be updated by email when the New 'S' Series comes in to stock just enter your email below:

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