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Is Instagram the future of motorcycle clubs?

As a millennial, a biker, and the owner of it's interesting seeing how the world of motorcycling is changing, from the way we ride to the way we dress while we ride.


The biggest switch-up in all of it is the way we communicate with other riders; open up Instagram these days and you can see riders from all the world and chat to them pretty easily, or just follow them and drool over their rides.


With a lot more younger bikers coming in to the world of riding and starting groups I thought it’d a good time to ask the question ‘Is Instagram the future of motorcycle clubs?’ since social media is changing everything these days.


What are motorcycle clubs all about?

Most of the current established clubs were put together before the internet/social media, which meant riders didn’t have anywhere to meet other riders to go out with except for joining the local club.


Most of these motorbike clubs work on a membership basis and some are strictly members only for meetups, but the majority are pretty open to outsiders joining in on ride outs. They’ll usually have a weekly or fortnightly meet up at their club house where everyone gets together to talk bikes and show off their machines to the rest of the group (sounds familiar right?).


Members are long-term and the groups are tight-knit so they help eachother out with bike related stuff like repairs, and organise charity ride outs & events to fundraise for good causes.

You'll probably have noticed, there's a lot of similarities in what us riders do through the Instagram and what traditional motorbike clubs do.


Instagram & Riders

With the world opening up for riders it means we can reach more and more people with the same passion for freedom on 2 wheels. Which is exactly what's happening right now on Instagram and bringing more bikers together from all across the UK, Europe and the World!


All you have to do these days is post a picture of your ride and add a couple of hashtags to instantly get a few likes or find some new buddies to go out riding with. Showing off your bike and getting feedback from other riders has never been easier or quicker.


With the move towards Instagram for us riders there's a much bigger platform for personalities and riders with certain skills to get more recognition. Like stunt bikers who use to only get the chance to be seen at shows can now grow massive followings and meet other stunters to up their game, using the power of Instagram since we all like watching wheelie videos in spare time.


Motovloggers & influencers organising meet ups for their followers, with the click of a button, bringing together hundreds of bikers, is another massive reason why Instagram could just be the future of motorcycle clubs.


Same same… but different

As your reading this you might be seeing some of the similarities between the new type of ‘motorcycle clubs’ and the traditional ones, like how all we really want is to look at other bikes, show people our bikes, and talk about bikes.


The real difference in this new age of Insta bike ‘clubs’ is how we connect with other bikers which is a massive improvement on traditional clubs because of:

-A worldwide reach – posting a picture or video and using a hashtag can get you in-front of hundreds & thousands of other people with the same passion for bikes.

-No memberships – all you have to do is follow a group account, search a hashtag or DM someone to find a group of riders you can meet up with without the need to become a member first.

-No boundaries – it doesn’t matter where in the country you live or even the world, because of Instagram and other socials the motorcycle community has become one big club of people who just love bikes.

-Support – getting advice or help choosing your next bike or bit of clothing is as easy as asking your followers, and if you’re unlucky enough to have a bike stolen then most riders will share and repost picture to help you locate it.


What are Instagram clubs/groups then?

It’s become more than just a club, most Instagram accounts that host meet ups or ride outs nowadays represent a lifestyle of young riders who do it for the passion and the bond it builds with other bikers. There’s no prejudices, discrimination, or judging just a group of bikers who love the freedom.


You’ve probably come across a lot of these accounts browsing through Insta that are what I’d call the future of motorcycle clubs, they’re the groups that are changing the way we ride out and the people we ride out with.


Just like old school clubs they sell merchandise, and stickers so you can represent while you ride; but unlike normal clubs there’s no restrictions and you can be a part of loads of different groups of riders just by interacting with them online.

What do the InstaBike influencers think?

We asked a group of the top popular Instagram persona's and groups their answer to our question, Is Instagram the future of motorcycle clubs? And here's what they said...


"Social media on a whole is extremely important for motorcycle clubs of today. It paints a picture as to what its all about, and creates opportunities for people to get in contact who would've never cross paths."


"IG is an accessible platform for bikers to meet each other that usually wouldn't usually cross paths, rather than patched MCs, its more of a community and a good vibe, unique in its application as its relatively new to the biking world IMO.

As things progress I think it will be _the_ platform for new riders and seasoned riders to connect and it can only be a good thing - being a relatively new rider I am living proof of this. Every biker I know has been through or linked to Instagram."


"I've noticed over the years that social media has become the platform for bikers to get to know each other and organise bike related events so maybe not takeover clubs but certainly bringing bikers together"


"My main answer would be yes!
The reason for that is because it's easy to follow people and see what you want plus meet people who want the same thing from around the world. I've met some amazing people who are into bikes the motorbike family on IG is growing more and more people are coming into it and meeting people from around the UK and the world rather than there local cafe or in general friend group I feel part of a big adventure into current times I'm unsure if it will change in my life time but if it's changed to this it will evolve into something else. The word club is a hard word to put across as I don't feel part of a club I feel part of a trusting family a club isolates it to a few members when really a family is open to all."

"Motorcycles and social media at least for the younger generation of bikers has become a invaluable tool. Each platform offers its own strengths. Facebook for its groups and event planning, Twitter for the conversation, Instagram for discovery and YouTube for its influencers. Indeed the slowing motorcycle Industry may well rely on social media and YouTube in the future. In days of old if you asked most bikers they had a direct friend or family remember who inspired them to ride. With the advent of personal media platforms it seems the "lone Wolf" riders who get on two wheels without personally knowing any bikers has increased as they can be inspired, educated and inducted in to the fold virtually all thanks to social media. 

The days of the shy new rider with his/her L pates in the corner of the bike spot are passing with the first social interactions begin online."

"Yes Instagram is the future of motorcycle clubs because it's easier to interact and connect with a wider audience compared to just your immediate geographic location"


"Sure instagram is the way forward, I've witnessed it bring hundreds of UK motorcycle riders together already and it's only getting more popular each day"



"I would say yes. My club was created and is still based around the IG page. It's the best way to show the people who we are, what we do and why we do it"



"I think Instagram will be the future for motorcycle clubs as its so much easier to connect with people and involve people in rideouts as well as organizing more social events for your club."

What I think… Are motorcycle clubs dead?

Let’s be honest social media changes everything and I think for riders who embrace it, its made life on two wheels a lot more interesting. We can shoot videos of us doing burnouts or get shots of the whole teams line up in landmark places around the country then let the rest of the bike world know what we ride.


As for the future of motorcycle clubs, just like the future of everything you have to look at what’s happening right now, and right now bikers are turning towards Instagram to meet up with other groups of riders and make new friends instead of joining established motorcycle clubs. So I can't see them sustaining for too many more years if they carry on to work in the same way and don't embrace Instagram and social media as a whole. was built for bikers who ride for the freedom; bringing motorcycling into the 21st century.


We’re on Instagram so that you can see what we’re up to day-to-day. We might be just a website but we’re also real bikers behind the scenes who do all the same things you do (well not everything) and post pictures of their riders on Instagram constantly too.

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