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Deal of the Week: Weise Scorpion Waterproof Gloves


Every now and again we like to switch it up and instead if just giving a full write up on some of the coolest riding gear available right now, we like to throw in a deal to make getting your new gear that little bit more exciting.

The gear of choice this week is a pair of gloves that have everything you need as a youthful rider looking to endure the winter weather, look fresh, and keep your hands in one piece. These gloves we speak of are the Scorpion full leather construction waterproof gloves, from a brand that's known for style and quality, Weise.

Overall Spec

Getting in to the nitty gritty about these gloves could take some time if we explained every little thing that makes them well worth their price, but we'll just give an overview of the features we think you're interested in...

They're waterproof; which could come as a shock after you notice they're also a short cuff glove, but believe it or not they have been fitted with the McTex technology inner lining which is a high tech Waterproof, Windproof, and breathable material that keeps your hands dry, warm, and free from excessive perspiration.

Like most motorbike gloves the Scorpions are made fully out of leather for the comfortable fit that comes with using a natural material and the abrasion resistance that'll keep your skin intact in a slide. Protection for the back of the hands is served by an enclosed TPU moulded knuckle piece which is covered in textile weave to suit the rest of the gloves dark appearance.

Why we like them...

Aside from the spec and quality of the materials used to make the Scorpion gloves there are some really neat features that make these gloves so popular not just with us but with a lot of riders who don't want thick, bulky winter gloves.

To start off with these gloves are not a traditional winer motorcycle glove with thick internal liners that reduce the feel you get through your handlebars thanks to their high tech liner, and alongside this they have an attractive short cuff design that could easily disguise them as a pair of summer riding gloves aswell.

Sometimes you need to pull over on the road to send a text or make a call and in the cold this can be a nightmare if you need to take your gloves off, but with the Weise Scorpion gloves you can easily use any touchscreen device thanks to the special fabric panel on the finger tip and thumb. (This is our favourite feature of the gloves)

Other features that get overlooked some of the time which the Scorpion gloves include are a reinforced gripper pull tab at the wrist area to help you pull your gloves on. Also a slimline velcro strap allows free movement at the wrist compared to thicker straps that can get in the way and cause resistance when twisting the throttle.

Overall we like the Weise Scorpion gloves just because they're one of the best looking winter gloves around and bring a lot of features to the table without a lot of expense to you.

Click below to get your own pair of Scorpions with £5 off this week only. Just £64.99

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