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Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Headsets 2018 | Our Picks

Technology is constantly upgrading and getting more advanced, which means so is the tech in motorcycle bluetooth headsets. They've come a long way in the past few years, from expensive but basic rider-to-rider units a few years ago to the current range of sub £200 systems that give you access to most features.

Because of the way technology is, it's hard to always know if we're buying the best piece of kit for the money that is up to date with the latest features and other models. Which is why we've selected our short but sweet top 3 headsets that don't disappoint on features or price.

3. Twiins D3

For riders who are after a cheap Bluetooth headset without the frills in 2017 then the Twiins D3 is just the one for you. Believe it or not the D3 is the top of the Twiins headset range and includes all the features you'd expect from a mid range system but at great value. With such a sleek and minimalist design approach the entire D3 slots in to your helmet and out of the way because the majority of the 'inner workings' are hidden in the speaker units.

A simple one button functionality allows you to pair with the rest of the Twiins range as an intercom connection easily, while taking receiving calls or changing music track. A dual link means that your intercom conversation and mobile phone audio can be used at the same time which is a real bonus for a unit in this price range.

Price: £79.99

2. Scala Rider Freecom 2


Back for 2018, Cardo Scala continue the Freecom range and sat mid way in that range is the Freecom 2, a Bluetooth headset system with a slimline design and simple operation. Link to other riders using Cardo systems is done with the touch of a button while you ride as soon as they come in to range without having to go through the full pairing process every time. Sharing music and FM radio with your pillion is made possible even while you're still taking GPS directions using the 2 channel Bluetooth.

A neat feature of the Freecom 2 that is rare at this price point is the auto adjusting audio volume that determines the right volume depending on background noise. Controlling all these features is simple enough using just the control buttons but for easy set up and pre-sets you can download the free Cardo SmartSet app on IOS and Android to access the settings on your Freecom 2. See more info on the full Freecom range here.

Price: £159.95

1. Scala Rider PackTalk

Highest priced system on our Best for 2017 list, but with good reason is the Scala Rider PackTalk. Possibly one of the highest spec motorcycle Bluetooth systems out there, with Scala packing inside it their most advanced technology yet giving the PackTalk a huge 5 mile connection range with up to 15 riders in a group when using the DMC™ intercom mode. In normal Bluetooth intercom mode it still achieves a 1 mile range, plus the DMC bridge means a passenger with any other Bluetooth headset can be added to your PackTalk group chat.

The unit itself is ultra slim and features buttons and a roller to make controlling it much easier; whilst also including voice prompt commands so you don't need to a lift a finger to answer or make calls on the go. Music & audio sharing with pillions using any other Bluetooth headsets is a breeze, especially with an FM radio and 6 preset station options. A lot of bang for your buck and not to worry, all this tech doesn't mean a short battery span - 13 hours talk time and a week standby.

Price: £329.95


If you have any questions about any of our bluetooth headset systems or want some more advice on picking out the right headset for you then you can contact us using email, phone or Whatsapp and we will be happy to help you get connected up for 2017!

You can find our full range of Bluetooth intercom headsets here

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