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Armadillo Folding Motorbike Shelter from BikeIt | Product News

armadillo motorcycle shelter

'An Affordable Motorbike Shed Alternative'

If you're one of the unlucky bikers out there who doesn't have a garage, shed or another half who let's you park the bike in the living room then the Armadillo shelter could be just what you are looking for.

When it comes to storing your motorbike outside, there's a few things you are probably thinking about like is it safe? is it going to stay dry? and how easy is it to access? Now some people would suggest building a motor shed just for your machine but that can be a bit expensive and isn't very practical on your front driveway! Another option is to get yourself a good quality motorcycle cover which will keep your bike dry and clean, but can be a bit of pain to put over your bike and take it off especially if you're in a rush. Which is why the Armadillo folding motorcycle cover from Bikeit is currently a best seller in our motorcycle cover range.

Simple but Effective

Using a strong metal frame and foldable design the Armadillo shelter makes parking up and covering your bike a breeze; it can be fixed down permanently on your driveway or patio using the provided bolts so that all you have to do is put your bike in to position and pull the cover over - then pull it off and ride out when you want to.

A 600D waterproof material cover fits over the framework to form the shell that'll keep the rain and dirt off your bike and prevent any unwanted corrosion, without the actual material touching your bike or it's paintwork. In terms of security the Armadillo shelter has locking mechanisms that can be operated with your own padlocks to prevent it from being lifted open by any unwanted visitors, and keeps thieves from knowing what's underneath the cover.

Also works as the perfect mobility scooter cover shelter.

See the Armadillo Shelter in action


The Armadillo folding motorcycle cover is available in 3 different sizes to suit the size of your bike, or the space you have to put it.

  • Small: 270cm L x 105cm W x 155cm H
  • Medium: 283cm L x 105cm W x 155cm H
  • Large: 345cm L x 137cm W x 190cm H

To order your new Armadillo motorcycle shelter below at or click here (P.S shippings free!)

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