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The Rundown on the Airoh Valor Helmet | Helmet Review

As an brand ambassador aswell as free stickers (exciting I know) I do get to test some of the new products every now and again even sometimes to decide if it's good enough to get a place within their range.

During a recent photoshoot I got my mitts on the semi-new* Valor Helmet from Airoh (*released in the UK January 2017) and after admiring the sharp shell shape I wiggled a couple of days using it for 'testing'.

After having the helmet on for a total of about 4-5 hours riding here is everything I think you should know about the Airoh Valor...



Like all bikers I like my helmets as lightweight as possible and that usually means as light as my budget can afford because we all know how expensive carbon can get.

On the spec sheet the Valor is 1400g heavy which is what I'd class as mid-way towards being light but definitely not heavy. Once I put the lid on it didn't feel too heavy or really light but saying that, one thing I did notice was how those 1400 grams were spread across the helmet.

It doesn't feel like any part, front, back, or sides are heavier than the other so moving your head about is pretty effortless and I know that's a major plus for motorway or high speed rides because it means less neck strain. The weight distribution is nice and makes this a well priced option for track days and road riding.




The photos on this post are of the Matt Black Valor and the Bone design which are part of a larger range of 6+ graphics but out of these two I prefer Matt black for it's simplicity and how well it shows off the lines of the Valor.

Shell shape and size makes all the difference to me when I pick a helmet because some can be too big or too round and just feel like they're restricting your movement everytime you turn your head. The Valor is shell isn't the most slimline out there (I as wearing a Medium) but that does mean there's some extra padding inside which I can't complain about.

The actual shape design is what really made me look twice at it - unlike some helmets under £150 this one isn't round or ugly shaped at all. There are a lot of sharpish edges and an extended front end that adds some style which no doubt comes from the Italian family that are behind Airoh.


The Fit

While testing I was wearing a Medium size Valor which is my normal size across all brands so in terms of size they are pretty consistent with most other popular helmet brands.

Pulling it on for the first time I did notice it was quite tight near the bottom but as soon as my head got past the threshold the pressure released till it was comfortable. To give you an idea of the shape of the inside liner I'd say it's quite round compared to some other brands which go for a narrow longer internal shape.

While I'm talking about the inside I'll mention one feature I really liked about this helmet and that was the liner padding itself; it feels like a mix between a memory foam and your usual helmet padding but the liner material on top has a semi suede feel to it which adds that luxury feeling.

The Roundup

If I was in the market for a road/track crossover helmet the Valor would be up there in my top 3 for a couple of reasons 1. The Price at £119.99 2. It's ACU Gold & ECE 22.05 approved.

There are a couple of quirks that make it a love or hate type helmet like the graphics and the fact that a lot of people don't know much about Airoh as a helmet brand but overall after some time testing it out I was presently surprised by the Italian design being matched by build quality for once!


Customer Reviews

"Bought the other day in Matt black s after owning aria rx7 shoei nxr and Kabuto ff5 The valor is a Nice comfy well made helmet, great for the price. The gp500 must be special but not sure you will need it after seeing the valor. If your looking for a helmet around this price not sure you can go wrong"

S Tolkien

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