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Honda Grom MSX 125 with Panigale 1199 Engine Swap

Every now and again some motorcycle enthusiast thinks up and builds an outrageous machine that is both impractical, and barely ride-able; BUT everyone secretly wouldgrom with panigale engine
 love to have a go on it! This special Honda Grom is no exception...

There is not much information out there about who, what or where this bike was built, however we do have pictures and a video to prove it's existence plus showing just how crazy this pocket rocket is.

The masterminds behind this beast, seem to have had quite a job on their hands transplanting this power plant from a 164kg Panigale Frame in to the tiny Grom that usually houses a practical and fun 125cc engine.


Here is a list of the specs to show you just how ridiculous this build is:

grom panigale spec

We will keep you updated with more footage of the 'Gronigale' as more becomes available!

For Now check out the pictures we have, plus this running video:
grom panigale
grom panigalegrom panigale

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