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Big Spec, Small Price | Nitro N2200 Veloce DVS Motorcycle Helmet

Being the UKs home of new & unique motorcycle accessories and clothing, we at enjoy being able to offer the best biking gear available for quality and value! Recently we have been reviewing/using/testing/playing with the Nitro Helmets, N2200 Veloce Full Face helmet.

Nitro Helmets have a long history in motorcycling, and huge range of top level helmets alongside a selection of budget motorcycle helmets. The N2200 Veloce helmet is a mid-range helmet with a lot of spec at a great price!

Firstly, take a second to check out the graphics design...

The Polycarbonate shell makes for a relatively lightweight helmet, which makes it really comfortable to wear, even over long rides; plus it features fully removable and washable liners and cheek pads, to help keep that smell of an old helmet setting in!

One of the best features in our eyes (literally) whilst testing this helmet was the integrated spring loaded drop down sun visor / Dual Visor System (DVS), which is activated and de-activated using a flip button on the underside of the helmet, making it fast and easy to react when the sun hits your eyes, or bounces off the wet road. A great extra to have on your helmet for summer riding, meaning you won't have to buy yourself an extra tinted visor and change between them depending on which time of day your out riding.

The visor on this helmet comes as standard, factory prepared Pinlock Visor, which can be used with the Nitro Anti-Fog Pin lock insert to keep your visor clear no matter what the weather outside. Also, this visor has a quick release attachment meaning it can be swapped out for washing or to replace within a few seconds, and features a position lock-out to keep your visor at the angle of opening which you set it at, even whilst riding over rougher roads or speed bumps.

As do most good helmets these days, the N2200 Veloce utilises an adjustable chin and head ventilation system with three sets of vents throughout the helmet, which are really easy to use even with thick winter bike gloves.

The final smaller but just as important specs of this Nitro Helmet that we wanted to mention are the removable moulded nose guard/breath deflector, which works to keep the wind off your face whilst your visor is up and sun visor is down, plus prevents your warm breath from going directly to your visor and steaming it up; and the removable wind deflector at the chin which stops the wind blowing up from underneath your chin and into your helmet.

Here is the official Spec/Feature list:

  • Latest ECE 22.05 standard compliant.
  • ACU gold standard approved.
  • MPT (multi poly tech) constructed fullface shell.
  • Integrated spring loaded sunvisor system – DVS with base mounted activation switch for ease of use.
  • Ultra comfort fit washable and removable liner system.
  • Adjustable chin ventilation.
  • Dual air filtration system at brow with enlarged air ports for airflow.
  • Integrated rear exhaust ventilation ports to increase airflow within the helmet.
  • Pre-moulded removable nose guard/breath deflector.
  • Micrometric buckle for ultimate adjustability and perfect tension.
  • Quick release, Factory prepared Pinlock® visor – for use with Nitro Pinlock® Anti-fog insert.

Overall the Nitro N2200 Veloce helmet is a perfect lid for all seasons and riding styles, thanks to all of it's crossover features for longer riders, or track tear ups! 

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