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Motorcycle Security | DO's and DON'Ts

motorcycle security DO's and DON'Ts

Around this time of the year there always seems to be a lot more motorcycle thefts going on, whether it is bikes that have been stored away in a garage for the winter going missing, or bikes parked up at the side of the road disappearing in to the night…

So to help you out with keeping your pride and joy safe over the winter we have some motorcycle security Do’s and Don’ts that will either deter, or prevent any thief from taking your bike away.


Although most of this will seem like common sense, you’ll be surprised how these little things can really affect your motorcycle security…
  • …Always use some type of extra lock when leaving your motorcycle anywhere, not just the steering lock
  • …Keep your bike out of sight in a garage or your garden whenever it is possible
  • …If you are forced to leave your motorcycle outside near the road or on your drive always try to park it near a street light or some sort of light, because thieves want to do their work where no one can see it.
  • …Use a motorcycle cover; thieves not be able to see your bike is most of the battle won.
  • …Carry a little screwdriver and remove your clutch level if your temporarily parked outside somewhere, they can’t go anywhere without a clutch level!
  • …Fit a movement sensitive alarm, because any noise that interrupts a thief will more than likely send them running for the hills!
  • Although this point isn’t exactly a motorcycle security tip, it will be a huge help if your bike ever did go missing. Make sure you are keeping your bike where you told your insurance, if you are now storing your bike in a garage away from your house for the winter but on your insurance policy you said it would be stored on your driveway, then your bike is stolen then the odds are they won’t be paying towards your new bike!


  • …Leave your bike in an enclosed car par, or in one that is out of sight to passers-by.

  • …Keep your bike in the same place if you suspect someone has tried taking a look at your bike, or stealing it before.

  • …Store your bike outside at a block of flats/apartments, obviously this isn’t possible for everyone, but it helps. The chances of someone seeing or hearing a thief at work on your bike or chasing them off are pretty slim when it is that far out of sight and reach.

  • …Think motorcycle security is all about hiding your bike away, because most thieves will have done their homework, and may have followed you to where you park your bike or been tipped off by unsavoury local people in your area (not to point fingers)

  • …Leave your spare key in your seat compartment, these can be opened in seconds by seasoned thieves.

  • …Leave your registration documents/Log Book in your seat compartment, as we mentioned above

Motorcycle Security is based around either deterring thieves from your bike, or preventing them from being able to remove your bike without getting caught. So next time you park your bike up give some thought to our list of DO’s and DON’Ts

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