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Guide to Buying The Right Motorcycle Mirrors

When it comes to getting some new motorcycle mirrors, there is a huge selection out there with  un-ending options of stems, fitting, and mirror faces. But one thing is for sure, you need to get the right pair to get the best view of what’s behind you and keep you safe out on the road.

Choosing Your Type…

With such a big range of mirrors, it’s good to decide what type of mirror you want and whether they are the best mirror for your type of motorcycle…

  • Fairing Mounted Mirrors – usually used with sports bikes or motorcycles with a front fairing where the mirrors are mounted through the fairing with bolts
  • Bar Mounted Mirrors - Fitted to your bike with threaded handlebar mounts, easily fitted by turning the mirror in to the thread and tightening with a collar, allowing you to fit many types of different mirrors to any bike
  • Bar-end Mirrors – Mounted to the end of your handlebars with a tightening collar, mostly favoured by riders who find their current mirrors only show their elbows, or restrict the view
  • Blind Spot Mirrors – These smaller motorcycle mirrors are often added to larger mirror faces to eliminate the blind spot that happens to the side of the rider.
  • LED Indicator Mirrors – Either Bar or fairing mounted, these mirrors feature an indicator/turn signal built in to the back of the mirror, to make it even easier for oncoming drivers to see your intentions out on the road.

Choosing your style…

Once you’ve decided on the right type of bike mirrors for you and your motorcycle, then you can choose which style you would like, based on your own preference, or the style of bike you ride; Superbike, Cruiser or Custom Streetfighter…

  • Black ABS Plastic/OEM – With a lot of riders, they only replace their motorcycle mirrors after a crash, or drop; when the mirrors are no longer useable, so they usually turn to a OEM style replacement. This tends to be an ABS plastic mirror head and stem in black, although these can often be replaced with the same shaped mirrors but with an LED integrated indicator unit.
  • Custom Chrome fitting – Custom chrome mirrors are popular with cruiser and custom chopper riders, who like to add something different to their motorcycle and to keep the style of the bike with extra chrome parts. These styles of mirrors are available in a lot of well known, gothic, and skull themed designs, to fit with the culture of riding a cruiser or being a 1%er. With few OEM chrome mirrors out there, you’ll find that the chrome mirrors are usually aftermarket products so can fit a huge range of motorcycles and can be easily adjusted.
  • Carbon Fibre Effect – Carbon Fibre nearly always looks good on any motorcycle, but if you are riding a sports bike, or streetfighter, a neat bit of carbon fibre can really make your bike stand out from the crowd, whether you’re out on the road or parked up at a meet. Most Carbon Fibre Effect motorcycle mirrors are universally fitting with threaded bar mounts and offer a lot of adjustability to suit your riding position.
  • Anodised – With anodised motorcycle mirrors you can choose a colour to suit your bike, with such a large range of anodised coating available. Anodising can be applied to most metal surfaces, although you will probably find that the majority of anodised mirrors on the market are Bar-End mounted. This means that they can be fitted to nearly all motorcycles, whilst adding some style and getting the attention of onlookers.

Once you have found the perfect mirror for you, then all that’s left is to adjust them properly, get out on the road, and Ride Safe!

Take a browse of the motorcycle mirrors available from LD Motorcycles here

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