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10 Tips to Stop Handlebar Vibrations & Cramping

How to stop Handlebar VibrationsHow to stop handlebar vibrations

Excessive Vibration at your bikes' handlebars can make riding uncomfortable, and un-safe at higher speeds! Most riders notice handlebar vibrations whilst travelling at mid-high speeds on rides that are longer than the normal ride about town; with most riders experiencing cramp in their hands and what is known as 'Forearm' pump, both of which are not good news when you needs your hands to control nearly every aspect of your motorcycle on the road!

Because of the problems Handlebar vibrations can cause we have come up with 10 Tips & Tricks to prevent vibration at the bars, or even reaching the bars! Check them out below:

1.Nuts and Bolts

Checking all your engine mount and handlebar mount bolts are all properly tightened and torqued, can be a very easy fix if your bike has developed excessive vibrations as there may be an engine bolt slightly loose that is allowing the block to move slightly during running and bouncing off the frame. This cause the engine and road vibrations to resonate through the frame.


Gripping your handlebars tightly can make the vibrations feel stronger and more uncomfortable than they actually are, also over gripping can cause cramps even without excessive vibrations. Your grip should be relatively light on the handlebars, and if you feel a cramp setting in then try relaxing your grip for a quick relief from the pain. Remember, your handlebars are simply a control translator for your bike, not grab handles for you to cling on to for dear life! Your thighs, knees and bottom primarily keep you connected to your bike. 

3.Snug Fit Levers

Making sure both your brake and clutch levers sit snugly in their perches is a very useful way to stop handlebar vibrations. Some aftermarket levers fits loosely in the perches and then slap between the top and bottom whilst riding, causing and amplifying vibrations that were not there with OE levers. A simple fix for this can sometimes be to tighten the bolts in the perches however a better fix would be to fit a spacer or washer, ensuring that the lever still moves freely as it should. Get Titax Levers here


A lot of motorcycles are fitted with handlebar weights from factory as a way to eliminate vibrations resonating through your bars. Checking if your bar weights are still fitted and tightened properly can be a simple fix for excessive vibrations. Get new Bar-end weights here

5.Gloves & Grips

It's Simple and maybe obvious but, Are you wearing them? Although some riders say that solid knuckled gloves can cause extra vibrations if they are not a good fit. Leather gloves are a great vibration absorber. Once you have got your hands in some good gloves, a sensible next step is to check what they are in contact with, your grips. If your motorcycle grips have not been changed in a while then they could need changing, as the old rubber can become hard which means they will not be absorbing any vibrations like they use to. A great alternative to OE grips are two part CNC handlebar grips which feature CNC machined metal parts on a rubber sleeve, with a built in bar-end weight, providing the ultimate vibration elimination, at a much lower price and less time consuming than other fixes and adjustments. Click to browse the best riding gloves

6.Stay Flexing

By regularly flexing your hands whilst your ride you can prevent any extra blood build up in your hands and forearms, which stops cramping and the feeling of excessive vibrations on long rides.


Try adjusting the angle of your handlebars as this will change the position of your arms whilst you ride, meaning a more comfortable ride even whilst on rougher roads. Also, changing the position of your brake and clutch levers to align with your forearms whilst you ride can effectively prevent cramp and numbing your hands and wrists.


Fork preload adjusterA professional suspension set-up is always a good idea, due to the improvement of control over the bike that is provides to you. However, if handlebar vibration is an issue for you then having your suspension either set-up to your weight or adjusting the Front fork preload properly with some trial and error can greatly reduce the road vibration that reaches your handlebars.

9.Cruise Control

Trying out a simple throttle rest, cruise control aid can really help with hand cramps on long constant speed rides, where gripping your throttle hand for hours on end becomes a real pain in the a***. They clip on over your throttle grip and provide a place to rest your palm on and set the throttle without a full hand grip.

10.Rubber & Rims

Appropriate tyres are a huge help when trying to eliminate your handlebar vibrations, if you are riding on the road with enduro tyres then you can expect to feel more vibrations from the road due to the unlevel surface of the tyres. Also, unevenly worn tyres can cause vibrations, along with bulged or cracked tyres, but if you are riding on neglected tyres then handlebar vibrations should be the least of your worries. Poorly balanced wheels can cause a lot of wobble and vibrations whilst riding, so it always a good idea to have your wheels balanced if you experience a lot of bar vibrations.

If you've found our tips useful, or thought of something we missed then let us know in the comments below!

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