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5 Winter Motorcycle Gloves Under £60 | 2017/18

Planning on riding through the winter? So are we, which is why've made our picks of the 5 best gloves for winter riding at an affordable price...

We all know what it's like when the days get colder and we get even colder out on our bikes. And I know from experience that most of us bikers who want to ride through the winter don't want to spend a small fortune on re-kitting themselves in new winter gear.

So here are my top 5 winter gloves that don't break the bank but do the job of keeping you comfortable at this time of the year...

LDM EXOTec Winter Gloves - £34.99 
Stylish, practical and warm

A brand new release for the winter 17/18 riding season, the EXOTec are an addition to the growing LDM clothing range we design here at LDMotorcycles. Just like the rest of the range these gloves are made to last at a price that suits most bikers making them the perfect choice for anyone commuting on the bike this winter.

Although not the thickest and warmest winter gloves they're a great lightweight option if you want comfortable and dry hands this winter.

Available in sizes S to XL.

ARMR Moto WP535 Gloves - £34.99
Smart, Affordable and Reliable

ARMR Moto are one of my favourite clothing brands for one reason, they make great looking gear thats cheaper than most and just as durable as much more expensive brands. The WP535 Winter gloves are no exception and I've actually been wearing these recently on the bike for short rides. They look simple but have the added protection of a knuckle pad and an easy velcro strap that makes slipping them on and off super easy.

Once again at this price I don't expect them to be the warmest if I'm doing lengthy motorway runs but they are waterproof which is another major benefit for winter riding.

Available in sizes S to 2XL.

Buffalo Spartan Leather Gloves - £49.99
Simple, practical and protective gloves

Buffalo is one of the long standing old school brands who have recently modernised and bought out some gear that fits the style of young bikers these days. The Spartan winter gloves are a perfect example of this, with their full leather build and protective padding across the hand. I especially like these because of their protection and slimline style unlike a lot of heavier thicker winter gloves.

Thanks to leather outer and waterproof inner lining you get a comfy pair of gloves that will keep your hands dry and last a few winters to come.

Available in sizes S to 2XL.

Weise Wave All Year Gloves - £54.99
'The peoples' favourite glove

Weise are similar to Buffalo in that they're late to the party of modern biker gear but with the Wave gloves they've made a major improvement hence why they're my favourite all year round glove. First off they're a short and stylish glove that goes with most styles of motorbike gear, but it's the fact that these gloves are super comfortable that won me over. Add to this the waterproof liner membrane and touch screen finger panel and you can see why they're our best seller of 2017.

As an all year round glove they aren't as warm as others but will still be warm enough down to temps of about 4-5 degrees.

Available in sizes S to 3XL.

ARMR Moto WPL250 Gloves - £59.99
Top end gloves without the price

ARMR Moto feature twice in my picks for most of the same reason, you get the quality without the price tag. The WPL250 gloves are a step further than all other winter gloves at this price range because of their unique slimline style, armoured knuckle and soft padded fingers that make for a really safe glove in a season where safety is the number 1 priority. Pulling these on you'll notice how much feel you have through them compared to other bulkier winter gloves which makes all the difference when you're pulling the B&C levers. A KEPROTEC palm overlay panel gives a noticeable difference in grip in wet weather.

For under £60 to get any pair of waterproof gloves is a result but ones with so many features like the WPL250 are hard to come by.
Available in sizes XS to 3XL.

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