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Is a Scottoiler system worth the money?

The simple answer is yes! Although this would probably contradict with some peoples opinions on Scottoilers and pretty much any motorcycle chain oiling system.

But before we get in to why the Scottoiler is worth it, I'll let you know why some people would disagree;


Some riders out there are adamant that auto chain oiling systems send half the oil combined with dirt, flying off your chain onto the wheel rim, spokes and tyre due to either poor quality oil or over oiling from the system. This problem only arises when the system nozzles are fitted incorrectly.


'Doesn't extend the chain life'

This opinion from some people is totally wrong. When was the last time a well oiled chain was outlived by a chain that is lubricated whenever its rider remembers or can be bothered? A system that oils your chain each time you ride will clearly lead to an extended chain life because is it never dry therefore, less friction and wear!


'Its easier and cheaper to do it yourself'

For weekend riders or riders who have plenty of spare time, this may be the case and they probably can take the time out to clean their chain, (maybe soak it), and lubricate it; hats off to those people. But, for the majority of riders who use their bike daily or don't have the time to lube their chain every week or so, the peace of mind that a chain oiling system provides is priceless.

So with that out of the way, here are some of the Scottoiler systems available:

Scottoiler V-System - this is the most popular system used by riders because of its quality and reliability. The vacuum provided by the the engine opens a valve inside the reservoir and allows the oil to flow down the hoses to the sprockets and chain. The flow rate can be adjusted at the reservoir to suit the size of the bike and preference of the rider (preventing the fling as mentioned earlier).

Scottoiler CR-01 Off-Road System - The new system from Scottoiler is the off road chain oiler, which is manually operated by their 'squid' pump, integrated in a handlebar grip for ease of access. This system doesn't need the engines vacuum to operate, because just by squeezing the 'squid' grip oil is sent down to your chain and sprockets. It is definitely a useful tool especially for enduro riders, when your chain is getting dried out by sand or grit during a long stage!

Scottoiler E-System - At the top end of the Scottoiler range is the E-System, an electronically controlled lubricating system, apparently based on technology used in MotoGP. It features a multi-function screen display with G-force readings, an oil level indicator and ambient temperature gauge. Unlike the rest of the Scottoiler range it is only activated by foward motion so does not dispense oil when the bike is running at stand still (once again preventing the fling mentioned earlier).

With the option of different systems and set-ups, lubricating your chain manually could be a thing of the past as there is something for each type of rider. Scottoiler claim that each system can extend the life of your chain by up to 7 times and with the price of a standard new chain and sprocket kit being double or triple the price of the V-System then its a no brainer for some!

For a personal view of the scottoiler systems check out Hertfordshire superbikes blog post

Feel free to let us know your views on the Scottoiler systems in the comment section below

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